Why is gut health so important?

Gut health is everything! The strength and stability of the gut microbiome affects other aspects of our health (cardiovascular, cognitive, gastrointestinal, etc.), not to mention our immune system. The ‘systems’ of our bodies are all interconnected – and the root of those connections is the gut. A healthy gut gives us the best chance at good overall health! Increasing beneficial good bacteria in the gut microbiome by feeding and nourishing it leads to improvement of digestive issues.

Both ‘Good’ (Healthy) bacteria and ‘Bad’ (Pathogenic) bacteria reside in the microbiome of the gut. The goal is to have a diverse microbiome with many beneficial bacteria species. MSPrebiotic is food for the healthy bacteria in our gut, helping them to thrive, and in the process, crowd out the bad.

Our Benefits

  • Prebiotic Fibre from Resistant Starch

  • Clinically demonstrated to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut

  • Feeding your own strains of good bacteria is key!

  • Improves digestion and supports regularity

  • Get 25% of your daily fibre intake in just one scoop!

  • Works quickly in just one pouch to help resolve digestive issues and keep the microbiome balanced


FODMAP Friendly

MSPrebiotic was the first natural supplement in Canada to be officially stamped with the FODMAP Friendly certification. Low FODMAP diets can have effective relief for those with IBS but can also starve the gut microbiome. MSPrebiotic is insoluble and has a very large molecular size, meaning that it is fermented more slowly than other prebiotics and does not draw water into the intestines. Rapid fermentation and water movement due to solubility both create pressure in the guts, triggering symptoms in sensitive individuals.

Glyphosate Residue Free

The use of glyphosate and other chemical herbicides has been growing globally for over 20 years, leading to environmental damage and harm to human health. The Detox Project has certified MSPrebiotic Glyphosate Residue Free, verifying that levels of the most commonly applied herbicide are undetectable.

Ketogenic Friendly

The Ketogenic Diet can have a negative impact on the health of the gut microbiome since the microbiome relies on prebiotic fibre for food. Most prebiotics are found in foods that are typically avoided in the Ketogenic Diet. MSPrebiotic is fully compatible with the Ketogenic Diet and can help keep you from starving your microbiome. Also, MSPrebiotic produces butyrate, an important source of energy while on the Ketogenic Diet. MSPrebiotic has only 1 net carb per 10g scoop!

Nightshade Safe

Even though our product is made from potatoes, our clinical trial found no significant differences in inflammation levels between people who consumed MSPrebiotic and those who consumed the placebo. In other words, the inflammation associated with consuming foods from the Nightshade family was not observed.