Resistant Starch Reduces Your “Bad” Gut Bacteria

August 24th, 2023|

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last several months taking a deep dive into the different ways humans are able to positively influence their gut microbiome via nutrition, lifestyle and supplemental strategies. A significant majority of the most common health concerns are associated with an imbalance between [...]

Gut Health 101

January 21st, 2022|

There is growing appreciation for the central role our gut health plays in our overall health. This relationship is complex, and research continues to inform our understanding. This presents a challenge for individuals seeking to [...]

Why is Digestive Health Important for Women

October 29th, 2021|

I always encourage my patients to be mindful of digestive health, how it regulates our elimination, and to understand how food affects us.  Digestive health is particularly important during a woman's period.  Often, the malaise, [...]

Food Processing and Prebiotics

October 15th, 2021|

Processed foods have become a scapegoat for many of the health problems affecting Western societies.  These ready-to-eat items typically found in cans, plastic packaging, and frozen aluminum sheets contain high levels of salt, fat, and [...]

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