How can MSPrebiotic
be consumed?

MSPrebiotic is a fine flavourless powder, easily added to cool (less than 60 C) drinks or foods like a shake or smoothie, juice, water, yogurt, oatmeal and whatever you can mix! It lightly settles in water, does not clump and helps with satiety with its high fibre content. Follow the dosing instructions on the package. Start small and work your way up until you feel the effects you are looking for and stay at that dosage. Everyone’s microbiome is different so dosages vary.

Can MSPrebiotic be used with my probiotic?

Absolutely. Those with a compromised microbiome (due to antibiotic treatment, for example) would benefit from the synergistic effect prebiotics & probiotics have on the gut. When finished antibiotic treatment it is recommended to take a probiotic to repopulate the gut with good bacteria that potentially would have been killed off. MSPrebiotic can certainly make your probiotic work even better by feeding the good bacteria consumed. However, if you have not taken antibiotics recently prebiotic supplementation alone is an effective method for strengthening the microbiome, as was demonstrated in the clinical trial.