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I had never thought to use a product like this before and I could not be happier with the results. I constantly struggle with a variety of different foods and digesting them properly but this has helped out substantially! Tasteless but so effective I have now been able to improve my digestion and gut health all in one.

Paige P.

“I already take PRObiotics and recently learned that the combination of these with PREbiotics are actually quite good for your health! The fact that MSPrebiotic is tasteless makes it easy to be incorporated in my smoothies and morning protein shakes. I had some minimal bloating and discomfort the first days but I feel much better now.”

Nadiatou F.

“I noticed a difference in just a few days.  As I got into my 30s, I was becoming more sensitive to dairy. It was getting to the point where I can’t even have real cream ice-cream without cramps and trips to the washroom.  After trying this I’ve been able to start having cream in my coffees again.  I think after awhile I can even try the good ice-cream again. I would definitely recommend this.  It gave me hope that one day I can enjoy my favourite foods again.”

Angel D.

“I tried this product, and let me first say whenever I need a quick bite to eat and I eat fast food my stomach feels terrible for days everything I’ve tried often still makes me feel that fast food feeling. I have tried many other products but this one is quite good. I would recommend it among its peers a top 5 brand. anyway with sometimes you can just use two scoops but most of the time a scoop or two a day and you’re good. overall I’d recommend this product good value but thank you.”

Kimberley C.

“I wanted to use this for awhile before reviewing so I can feel the benefits and give an accurate review. I noticed a great deal more energy, when your gut is happy your whole body is happy. I felt more motivated and happier. My bloatedness when down so much! Very excited about that. Also, TMI alert… washroom breaks were more comfortable. I love that it is caffeine free and has a big of fibre in it. It was easy to mix in my smoothie and I even added it to my yogurt some mornings when I was in a rush. It is flavourless which allows me to add it to just about anything… shhh I once added it into my morning cereal lol Great product!”

Fran L.

“I have been using this MSPrebiotic every morning in my shakes and so far I have noticed a positive difference in my digestion and regularity.  This has no taste, so it dose not change the taste of my drinks, which is a great  thing for me because I can’t stand anything that leaves an aftertaste, and this leaves no bad taste in my mouth at all.  It also comes with it’s own measuring scoop, so there is no fear of accidentally adding too much and ending up in a bathroom all day.  It has clear directions of how much to use, and how little to use when starting to first use the product. I will buy this again and I’ll be recommending it to family and friends. A++ product.”

Shauna A.

Great in smoothies!

October 11, 2023

I am currently using MSPrebiotic in my morning smoothie. I have noticed an improvement in my digestion. I have stomach issues and a gluten intolerance. Since adding the prebiotic to my smoothies I have less stomach upset. I will definitely continue to use this product!


—-Positive Gut Reaction—-Tasteless

December 20, 2022

IBS patient for 65 years and have tried multiple therapies both prescription and over the counter.

First one to give me positive results within 5 days.


It's a Keeper!

December 20, 2022

Great product! Easy to add into my routine with great results. I thought my GI system was pretty “decent” but have seen noticeable improvement, especially in bloating. Plus I have more energy which helps with a young family. A wonderful Canadian product. Will keep on using and sharing with my family.


Works great, no taste

December 20, 2022

I started using MS Probiotics because I don’t always get to eat as well as I’d like and I noticed a difference in regularity and consistency right away. Its easy to add to my morning shake since it doesn’t change the taste. Great product, will continue to use it.

Adam Marcynuk


December 20, 2022

Been on this product for 5 years it balanced my blood sugar levels. I don’t have ibs anymore it took about 14 months of using it for the ibs to go away I never get acid reflux anymore and I seldom get sick like I used to . This product has improved the quality of my life 10 fold. My fatty liver disease also went away amazing product!!!!

Wayne Suggitt